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FestivalNexus is an online hub that connects festival fans, event organizers, promoters, vendors, and artists anywhere in the world. Our mission is to provide festival fans with a comprehensive database to discover and learn about amazing festivals around the world.

We believe that festivals are a vital part of our communities, and that attending festivals can enrich our lives and connect us with others who share our interests. That’s why we created FestivalNexus – to help attendees find the festivals that are perfect for them, and to help event organizers promote their events.

Our team is made up of festival enthusiasts who are passionate about connecting people with great festivals. We work tirelessly to ensure that our platform is easy to use, reliable, and up-to-date with the latest festivals in your area.

The FestivalNexus Team

Bobby Hayati

Babak Hayati


Pooya Hayati - FestivalNexus

Pooya Hayati

Co-Founder/COO/Senior Editor

Parsa Evangelista

Product Manager

Lyka Gonzales

Content Manager

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