International African Arts Festival 2024

International African Arts Festival


4-7 July, 2024

Location: Brooklyn

, New York

Venue: Commodore Barry Park

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About the Event

The International African Arts Festival, held annually in Brooklyn, New York, is a vibrant celebration of African culture and heritage. This multi-day event showcases a wide array of activities and performances that highlight the rich traditions of the African diaspora. Attendees can explore a plethora of artistic expressions through live music performances featuring Afrobeat, reggae, jazz, and more.

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2024 Artist Lineup


Where is the event located?

Commodore Barry Park - Flushing Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11201, United States

What does the event offer?

The festival offers an experience of the diverse food, music and culture of Africa with performances and a marketplace. Entertainment at the festival combines local folk arts with internationally acclaimed musical acts.

How much is Admission?

The festival has a suggested donation of $10 per day, making it an affordable cultural experience for all attendees.

Are there any educational components to the festival?

Yes, the festival includes educational workshops and seminars that explore various aspects of African culture and history.


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  1. African Dance Group says:

    The African Dance Group we are asking to attend your events and to do some Performance of Tanzanian folk Dance like Maasai Dance and more Tanzanian folk Dance during those days.

    The group member we should be 8 Profecssional Artist including our makeup Disginer.


    Beda Christopher
    African Dance Group
    Box 12796-Arusha

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