Yowah Opal Festival 2024

Yowah Opal Festival


19-21 July, 2024

Location: Yowah

, Queensland

Venue: Yowah Opal Mining Community Hall

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About the Event

The Yowah Opal Festival, held annually in Yowah, Queensland, is a vibrant celebration of the region’s unique opal mining heritage. The festival features a diverse array of activities, including opal mining demonstrations, where visitors can learn about the techniques and history of opal extraction. Enthusiasts and collectors can explore the opal markets, showcasing stunning gemstones and unique opal jewelry.

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Where is the event located?

Yowah Opal Mining Community Hall - 16 Harlequin Dr, Yowah QLD 4490, Australia

How much is Admission?


What can I do at the Yowah Opal Festival?

You can explore the historic town centre, go bushwalking, attend workshops and demonstrations, browse the opal market, compete in competitions, sample local food and wine, and enjoy live music and dancing performances.

Can I buy opals or jewellery at the festival?

Yes, you can find both opals and jewellery for sale at the opal market.


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